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Our Work

Work is
the usual way
of providing
what we need
in order
to live.
Art. 150.1
General Constitutions

St. Francis and St. Clare considered work as a gift from God and called it a grace, so that, with the help of the Lord, we may return to him an increase of his talents.
Art. 109.1 General Constitutions of the Order of Saint Clare

In the monastery there are many different types of work that we are called upon to do. Some seem much more glamorous such as publishing books, managing a 24 hour, 5000 watt radio station or creating beautiful ceramics that win great prizes. But in truth all work if done for the glory of God is glamorous and holy and wonderful in God's eyes.

Poor Clares Nuns are on the Air!
In September of 2005, Sacred Heart Radio in Seattle purchased their first affliate radio station.

This is a fully functional 5000 watt AM station. The 700 foot high transmitting tower is located on the South side of town, the large satelite dish from which most of the programming is received, sits on a small cement foundation in the back yard of our monastery garden.

Since we had already been producing radio programs for two years in the Spokane diocese we were given the opportunity to take on the management of this new 24 hour radio station.

It was not a decision that we made lightly. It was a full community agreement that we arrived at after much prayer, deliberation and help from many sources.

At one point when we had pretty much decided it was too big a committment and had all sorts of other worries and wonders about this, God sent an angel to guide us onwards in moving ahead. Father Eustace Sequeira, SJ was a friend of Sister Patricia's, he had just been made administrator of the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome and was two weeks away from taking up his duties. Sister Patricia sent him in email that he received while in India. He casually mentioned that he could possibly come for a few days to help us in discerning. We jumped at the chance because we knew that Father Sequeira as the former diocesan communications director in Zambia had started a radio station there and knew first hand not only what starting such a station entailed, he also more importantly, knew, how powerful a force Catholic radio is for the Church.

With his guidance and help we met with Ron the president of Sacred Heart Radio in Seattle and Bernadette, his wife, (who just happened to grow up a few blocks from our monastery and whose parents were both daily communicants until their heaven ward journey). The way all the little bits and pieces of this seemingly huge event seemed to just fall into place were truly miraculous. At any rate together we discussed options and problems and worked through solutions. Finally, we decided, "Yes, we would do it!"

That was in July. In September we went on the air from the new station for the first time. In October my dear friend, Sister Janet (whom I had met via the Peace Cards and who by the way is the one who introduced me to Father Eustace) came to stay with us for a week to lend her help and advice. She works at Vatican Radio, in Rome.

Now just tell me, what are the chances that two very important people from Rome, I just happened to get acquainted with, just happened to be able to come and help us get started in this ministry if it was not God's blessing? Things like this don't just happen...God makes them happen is what I think! Father Eustace calls it, "Divine Providence." There seems to be a lot of it going around don't you think?

Of course as exciting as the radio is, it actually does not take a lot of our time to run. Ron Belter in Seattle handles 98% of the day to day concerns. This leaves us plenty of time to do other work. Like cook meals, wash dishes, vacuum, clean.

We have quite a big garden!, We grow most of our own vegetables which we can and freeze to last during the winter months. We have apple trees, pear, peach, plum, cherry and walnut trees. We grow grapes, raspberries, and boysenberries. Lots of time is spent in the garden during the warm months of the year. We have at least four beds of flowers that we grow for use in the Chapel and tons of roses. Yes, gardening is a big event at our monastery!

If you have questions or would like to know even more we invite you to send us an e-mail or contact us by U.S. mail or phone. Please visit our contact page.