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The Horarium
                      or The Hours of the Day

One of the most often asked questions we are asked by new acquaintances is, “What do you do all day?” I think they pretty much think we eat a few pieces of bread, drink some water and spend the rest of the time in the Chapel.

Our chapel during the Easter Season viewed from our side of the choir.
The tablernacle you see to the right has doors that open to reveal the
Lord during Adoration Time.

Well, in truth though we do spend a good part of our day “in Chapel” we also do a myriad of other ordinary and not so ordinary activities such as gardening, cooking, cleaning, publishing books, managing a full time radio station, working on online ministry outreach, ceramics, stained glass, painting (both on canvas and monastery walls) and taking care of the dog, cat, bird and fish. Every day brings something new – every day is a gift from God and a joy.

The schedule below seems pretty cut and dried except that God somehow manages to put a lot of growth, challenge and yes even exciting things in these deceptively simple hours. Also as we are a small community we often make many adaptive changes to fit different seasons and times such as gardening, canning, baking at holiday times, etc.

What you won't see in these scheduled hours is the laughter, love and joy we have in being together, sharing our love of God and learning to accept each other's weaknesses, faults and "bad days" as well as being encouraged, uplifted and renewed by each other. The Franciscan charism of "family" is very much an integral part of our life here in the monastery.

During the day we receive many phone calls, e-mails and regular mail with requests for prayer that affirm us constantly of our call and vocation. We are convinced that a life of prayer and contemplation for the whole Church, for every man, woman and child of every creed and nation, is a worthy and holy calling. We are overwhelmed to live such a life and always extremely thank-ful we have been blessed to enter into it. God is good, God is wonderful!

Our chapel during the Easter Season viewed from the people's side

5:00 Wake-up time - Let us Praise the Lord!
6:00 Eucharistic Adoration followed by Office of Readings
7:00 Breakfast
7:40 Morning Prayer
8:30 Mass
9:30 Individual Work, Prayer and Study Time
12:15 Mid-day Prayer
1:00 Dinner - our main meal for the day
2:00 Dishes and Clean-up
3:00 Individual Work, Prayer and Study Time
5:00 Evening Prayer
6:15 Supper - with the Evening News on TV
8:00 Night Prayer

If you have questions or would like to know even more we invite you to send us an e-mail or contact us by U.S. mail or phone. Please visit our contact page.