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May God bless you and fill you with All Peace and All Good.
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Explore the Possibilities. . . .
of being a Poor Clare Nun

This site is for young women who want to learn more, have a closer relationship with and a deeper understanding of God as lived in Monastic Life.

If you are . . . a young woman between the ages of 18 through 35 who desires to live totally for God and are open to exploring a monastic vocation as a Poor Clare Nun

Let us
Share with you
the Peace, Joy, and Challenge
you will find in opening your life to God
in the monastic life.

If you want to get closer to God but not sure what the next step should be

We invite you to spend some time looking over the pages of this site. The information we have selected for you has one purpose in mind. To help you to develop the unique and special way that God is working in your life and to give you the spiritual guidance and tools necessary to make a good vocational decision.

When I was first discerning my call to religious life, I went and talked to a priest. I wanted to serve God but I didn’t know where?

He asked me simple questions.

Do you want to serve God as an active sister or a contemplative?

It was funny but until that moment I hadn’t made up my mind. I didn’t know. But by his very asking, I immediately spoke up and said, “I want a life of prayer. I want to live in a monastery.” Now I knew as much about the monastic life as I know how to split an atom, but somehow in the core of my being I knew that was what I wanted.

Many times I believe that God plants a desire in our hearts. A desire for a specific form of life; a hope to be married and have children, a dream to go out and serve the poor in a foreign land, an urge to teach, or heal or touch the abandoned and forgotten.

God has a special plan for us. He has planted this desire in the core of our being. If we take the time to listen, to ask ourselves questions, to explore, I believe that answers will always come.

What is it you most like to do? Scripture tells us, “For God is the one who, for his good purpose, works in you both to desire and to work” (Philippians 2:13). This desire oftentimes makes no sense to other people; it just seems to be there in the core of our being.

From all eternity God created you to be his own special gift to the world. Some people ignore this gift. They might feel unworthy of it, or feel that it will make demands on them that they don’t want to give. They may feel that using this gift will entail hardships or sacrifices that they are not prepared to endure. But the truth is, it is only in using our gifts to the fullest that we find the greatest happiness.

Hardships and sacrifices may be there – but if we are doing what God wants us to do, his joy will so overflow into us that we can handle these hardships and burdens with peace and acceptance.

It is only in giving ourselves totally to God that we will ever experience total happiness. That is the bottom line for seeking to find one’s vocation in life. What will make me the most happiest? It’s not a selfish question. It’s saying “yes” to the desire that God has implanted in you. It’s answering the call that he has spoken to you alone.

On these pages we will share with you the contemplative life as lived in our monastery on 4419 North Hawthorne Street. It may touch you or it may not. You may easily be called to the monastic life on another street, in another town, even in another country. You may not be called to the monastic life at all. That’s okay. That’s wonderful. By looking for a few brief moments your vision of what is “right” for you may crystallize and become clear.

So, welcome to our site, Called to Joy! It is for you, because your ‘Call to Joy’ is saying “YES” to God in whatever direction that call may be!

We invite you to visit the pages of our site to find out more about Who We Are how God is present in our Prayer our Work, and our Daily Life.

Franciscan Monastery of Saint Clare
4419 North Hawthorne Street     Spokane, Washington 99205
Phone: (509) 327-4479